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Donkey Kong Database

"A pretty good Donkey Kong Country resource site"
~Qyzzy Kong

Hi, I'm Qyzzy Kong, I made this site because there is a lot of great
Donkey Kong Country info and multimedia out there, but it can be
hard to find just what you're looking for. Here in the DKDb, you will
hopefully find exactly what you want.

    Some things you might 
    wanna look at on this site are...

  • My world renowned DKC animations
  • Rendered scenes from the DKC show
  • A large DKC show screenshot gallery
  • Guides to the DKC show episodes
  • LOTS of music! MP3s, MIDIs, WAVs
  • Much more on the way, so come back!

*The DKDb is currently not functional, please be patient!*

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since May 2nd, 2000