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Qyzzy Kong's
Donkey Kong Jungle
Welcome to the jungle! Wow, where to start... this excellent site has MASSES of info on the DKC show, most of what I know about it, I learnt from this site. The DKJ is all about anything and EVERYTHING Donkey Kong. A must see!!! Visit the message board too...

Cammi's Temple
One of Cammi Luna's many sites, Cammi's Temple is a site with screenshots from various TV shows based on Nintendo games. Why am I linking here? Because DKC is one of these shows! Check out her 25 original pics from Donkey Kong Country!

THE Unofficial DK Homepage
Donkeyboy's Unofficial Donkey Kong Homepage has nothing on the DKC show, but more than makes up for that with a wealth of info, pics, music and more for the DKC games and DK64. And aren't games what Donkey Kong is all about? Find some new ones here!

Steward's Kremling Photo Gallery
Not a fan of the DKC show, just of the reptillian baddies called Kremlings. Steward's Kremling Photo Gallery has the biggest collection of DKC TV screenshots you're ever likely to see - nearly 100 in all! Being a Kremling fan though, there's only one of the Kongs!

Dixie Kong's World
Thanks to Donkeyboy for introducing me to Dixie Kong's World! While this site does not have the masses of info, what it does have is a near complete guide to all the DKC episodes. You can also find out "101 Ways to Annoy the Residents of Kongo Bongo" here.

Congo Bongo Central
Donkey Kong himself would feel at home here, because this site is named after his islaand in the show! Congo Bongo is Mumbo's site and- oh yeah, I nearly forgot Devin529, Mumbo's helper. Here you can find many fanfics and other DKC & Banjo Kazooie stuff.

Klumpy's DKC Palace
If there's one thing I like about this site, other than the fact that it has THE BEST fanfics I have ever read (and the most I've ever seen), and all the nice MIDIs on all pages, it's that Klumpy's site has personality. If you love fanfics, you'll LOVE this site! I sure do ^_^

Donkey Kong 2...
The Search For The 103rd Level

A very interesting site made by my good friend Cranky Kong 2000, every fan of DKC2 should see this. The point of this site is to get you thinking back to the end of DKC2... Or was it not the end... I found this site very intriguing...

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Ryan's ''website''

Ryan's website
Not quite a no hoper, but this is not a DK site, so it has to go here. Ryan is a Diablo fan, and his site reflects this. So if you like the game Diablo have a look.
Just recently Ryan has out done himself by making a StarCraft section on his site, strangely this seems to have made his Diablo section inaccessible though... Weird...


Corporate/Company Sites

France2 Official 'DKTV' Website
This site is GREAT! It is the official DKTV site.
It has lots of pictures, info and downloads, plus
the design of the whole site is very nice. The 
only major drawback is that everything's in 
French! If you can read French, that's fine, but
if not go to
and enter the following  in the URL text box:

Fox Family Channel - Story and Chracters
If you wanna know the story of the show, and
learn a bit about a few of the main characters,
this page should help you out. If you live in the
USA, you can also find out what time you can
see DKC TV on the Fox Family Channel.



*Note: The gold, silver, bronze, etc. is NOT an indication of how good the site is. This is just the order in which I saw them. FYI Donkey Kong Jungle was the second ever site I visited, second only to Yahoo!