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Misc. DK Documents
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In this section I'll put all of my notes about the DKC show. Mostly you'll find storylines, guides, quotes and scripts, maybe some other stuff too. When I see more episodes, I'll write more notes.
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Episode Scripts

Title Format Status
Kong Fu - Voice Script Text Available


DKC Songs

Title Format Status
Kong Fu - DK's Depression Text Available


Character Profiles

Title Format Status
Kongs, the good guys HTML Unavailable
K. Rool's Kremlings HTML Unavailable
Other Characters HTML Unavailable


My Thoughts

Title Format Status
Candy and Dixie Text Available


Episode Guides

Title Format Status
Ape Foo Young (mini version) Text Available
Ape Foo Young (detailed version) Text Incomplete


Text Art

Title Format Status
Group Hug (Donkey, Diddy, Dixie) Text Available

All documents on this page were written/made by me, Qyzzy, unless otherwise specified. Feel free to send me any other DKC documents that you've written and I'd gladly post them here, giving you full credit, of course ^_^