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Update Archive

Hmm... Tripod didn't seem to like me last night. The Gallery pages didn't upload properly, but I've fixed that now. Also page two had an unlinked pic, but it's done now. Changed my first Doc a bit.

Good news and bad news today. The good news is that I was able to finish the Gallery section, and nearly the links section, and the bad news is I was quite sick today. Check out my Documents...

I've decided to try for an update every second or third day, and this time I've got the first two pages of my DKC Gallery made, so check 'em out! Tomorrow I may have another going, so drop by!

Cosmetic overhaul! Well, it's starting to look a bit better now I think, and I finally picked out a little background image ^_^ So far the only real update has been the links page and my first two renders.