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Hi all, it's Qyzzy- I've finally restored my accounts with the various services regarding my site! Sorry it has been so long. Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement!

Some of you said that you like the site just how it is, but I have a bit of a change in mind, starting with a re-name of the site! The main focus will remain the DKC TV show, as I think it is not covered nearly enough on the net (or anywhere really), but there will be a lot of changes made around here - and I welcome your input with open arms, of course!

The primary reason for a name change is that I've discovered another website with the title 'Donkey Kong Database', and although we had the name first, this new site is truly excellent, and is only going to get better. It also suits the name better ;)

Check out the NEW Donkey Kong Database here! I especially recommend checking out the ingenious DKtionary, full of info- especially regarding friends, foes and items from the DKC SNES trilogy.

Now back to the topic of this site... Since I haven't yet come up with a new name for this site (the OLD Donkey Kong Database, which I used to run), I'd love to hear any ideas you might have! No guarantees I'll pick yours, but let the brainstorming begin!

Remember the theme is the DKC TV show, so make sure the new name reflects this. =)

Please click HERE to leave comments and suggestions!

I look forward to rebuilding this site into something truly useful for fans and potential fans of the Donkey Kong Country television show.

This is Qyzzy Kong, signing out! It's good to be back!

Just cleaned up some dangerously weak links (and removed the Top DK Sites one, which is no longer alive). I recently bought myself a rewritable CD drive... they are so much fun! I now have DKC 1, 2 and 3 soundtracks!

Okay, I lied. I was away for quite a long time (and still am, really) but I truly am planning something... as soon as I get my Internet connection sorted out, I'll be able to show you exactly what I'm scheming...

Yep, I should have been updating everyday because of it being holidays and all, but the truth is I've been having too much fun partying in California to pay attention to this little site! Worry not, I shall be back soon...

Well that's the biggest break I've had with an 'updated' sign garishly scrawled across my site title pic for no legitimate reason. Anyway, cool news! I'm part of a new webring! Scroll down the bottom to see what I mean :)

Something cool today, and a small look at what's to come. What used to be a dream of mine is now a reality... I'm refering, of course, to the very first of my DKC video clips! Fans of the TV show rejoice! ^_^

Hi, remember me? I'm the guy who used to update this site. The reason I've been away for so long is- oh forget it. 80% of you wouldn't care and 20% are already tired of hearing it =P. Anyway, I'm back!

Not really an official update today, just a few small changes to my Games page. To see why I made these changes, visit Glimmer's Games, and why not check out a few of his games while you're there?

Well, after a long rest from updating and a bout of the 'flu', I'm back with an update! Check the finally updated Animation page and then go download the very first DKC Show Windows Theme. You will love it!

Something for you Flash users out there, you may recognise this pic from some-where, you may not. Pretty basic art, but it took me a while to get it looking right. Watch the Multimedia section closely...

Thanks to my new Multimedia Tech class, I've started to use Notepad instead of Netscape Composer to make web pages. This takes longer, sure, but it's sorta fun. New document , and more stuff coming...

What can I say? These holidays have just flown by. To show that I'm not making this 'project' up, I'm posting a little demo of it in the Multimedia section, or you can click here if you'd prefer. Hope ya like it!

18 days without an update?! Where have I been? Trapped under piles of school work, actually. That and this project I'm working on are keeping me real busy, but holidays are coming up end of next week!

Today I joined the Top 25 DK Sites! Please vote for me by clicking the picture on the left! It'd make me happy =). Please vote on my poll in the Multimedia section so I know how you like my menus. Tah.

Many new things this update, such as a graphic menu in the Multimedia page, two MP3s available, a new Document, some company Links,and a few general site changes around the place. More soon!

To make up for tomorrow's non update update, I've added a bit to the DK Documents, including my very first song! This was the first time I ever saw the show with sound, and it sounds terrific!

Today I went to see my little bros. play soccer, bad news - my bro (13) broke his arm =(. Good, because of this I got a tape of DKC on the way home. Bad - 2 of the 3 eps are in fast play mode. Doh!

The main update today is the Documents page, which has two more links now and a few other little changes. Touched up my Links section once more, a review for Klumpy's site at long last. More 'morrow!

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